Natural snacking never tasted so good!

Snacking Essentials

Snacking Essentials offers a range of snacks including health-focused shot packs, convenient snack bags, traditional classic packs, communal sharing bags, natural Wholefoods, and Bar Snacking selections for social gatherings.
Each category is crafted to provide options that cater to different needs, from quick bites to group enjoyments, combining both healthy and indulgent choices.
Sharing Packs Grab bags offer both single ingredients and a number of delicious snacking mixes. Explore
Shot Packs The perfectly portioned ‘Shot Packs’ are CQUIN compliant and great for an on-the-go boost for both adults and children. Explore
Bar snacks Today’s consumers are more adventurous and discerning than ever. They enjoy experiencing and sharing new textures and flavours and are keen to explore different cuisines from around the world. With the fast growth of natural snacking, we’ve developed a range of bar snacks that deliver healthier and tastier options for social snacking. Our dedicated snackologists spend their time spotting new trends, hunting down new seasonings, and creating new products that offer something exciting and different. Explore
Classic Packs Explore
Wholefood packs Our NEW Wholefoods range of nuts and dried fruits, featuring eight different varieties, aims to address this demand.In premium, resealable doy pouches, they’re great for sharing, snacking and for use in baking, salads or main meals, says the company. Explore