Environmental Standards

As a responsible, experienced and recognised trading company, we observe the following environmental standards.

  • All fuels used for transportation are kept to a minimum. We achieve this by considering all shipments individually and using the most environmental solution possible. We transport material in the most environmentally friendly formats (i.e. juices will be imported as concentrate).
  • Water usage is kept to a minimum and is monitored against waste.
  • None of our processes pollute or damage the environment or local surroundings in any way.
  • All waste is kept to a minimum and working methods promote this. We promote recycling and segregate waste wherever possible.
  • We ensure all chemicals are used as sparingly as possible and in a responsible and controlled manner and any to be disposed of are done so responsibly.
  • All adequate steps are taken to avoid contamination of the local area including air, noise and odour pollution.
  • All our suppliers and co-packers are encouraged to be environmentally aware and to consider such issues as mentioned above.